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Welcome to Oceanside Tutoring! Here you can find a tutor to help you with all your school needs.

A tutor is someone who has the skill to help you learn something in a way that you can understand it, someone who helps you with something you're struggling with. Tutors commonly are used to help you with your school work.

Why would I need a tutor?

There are many reasons someone might need a tutor. The most common reason is that a student is struggling in a class and would like the help of another person to help them understand what they need to know inorder to understand the class and what the teacher is trying to teach. Other reasons include wanting to learn more about what you are learning in class with more detail, needing to focus on your work and always having someone who could help you when you need it and not have to worry about when you can meet with a teacher, and to help get your grades up so that ypu can pass.

How to Find a Tutor

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